Lesbianism is an odd idea to me. Why would a woman desire to engage in sexual behavior with another woman? I would not know. I am a man.

Lesbianism is a mystery to me.

Female homosexuality – lesbianism – has always been far more acceptable than male homosexuality. Women are, perhaps, the ‘fairer sex,’ but likely not. Women may be more beautiful than males. But that is likely not the case either. Sure. They are smooth. Shapely. There is nothing more attractive, to a man at least, than an hourglass figure. My girlfriend has more of a pear shape, but she still has wide hips, and that is quite attractive. But the male form – the beauty of Michelangelo’s David, for instance – exceeds that of Botticelli’s Venus (for instance!).

I have noticed women are more open to lesbianism – or ‘experimenting.’ Which is, I think, an odd thing. There is a dynamic playing here, and that dynamic includes male sexual desire. Males lust after two women immersing themselves in one another – or engaging in two women simultaneously. Admittedly, I fantasize about a scenario in which another woman and I seduce my girlfriend into an overwhelming sexual frenzy. I must be honest, and I believe I am just beginning to be honest about this desire. I will never act on it or perhaps even openly reveal it.

But female sexuality is far more chaotic than male sexuality and demands order. It must be ordered. For without order, female sexuality will run amuck and harm not only individuals, but also society and civilization. The Greeks understood female sexuality, and expressed this understanding in stories like Pandora. And the Hebrews understood female sexuality, and expressed their understand in stories like Adam and Eve and Sampson and Delilah – both of which are focused on female chaos and disorder.

When I am out on a Saturday night, women – including my girlfriend – seem to become more ‘loose.’ What do I mean by that? They seem more relaxed about their sexuality – in a way far different from men. Men may care less about the way in which they engage with women. But females seem to care less not only about the way in which they engage with men, but ALSO women. They become far more touchy and giggly. They subtly express, in my opinion, submission – as female nature demands – except they also express it towards other women. This may not be full on lesbianism or even bi-sexualism. However, there is something sexual, and it is directed towards other women.

I have often thought my girlfriend wanted to get one of her friends to come home with us after a night of drinking. My girlfriend attracts other women all the time. And, interestingly enough, I attract other men all the time. It is not uncommon for two or three homosexuals to approach me in a single night. I am not interested in such arrangements in anyway, whatsoever, as male homosexuality is extremely dangerous, and, to me, is quite disgusting. It is, like female lesbianism, chaotic, though, I think, far more, because male homosexuality often accompanies disease, drug usage, and even suicide.

Biologically, homosexuality does not make sense, and I believe that women desire strong men to ultimately impregnate them. When you go into a club on a Saturday night, and see women scantly clad, cleavage and legs showing in excess, I believe they are expressing – consciously or unconsciously – the desire for sex and a strong male to impregnate them. That is the ultimate end of our biology. But lesbianism does not fit into this type of thinking. Lesbianism is purely emotional or hedonistic.

An old boss of mine once told me “All women are lesbians.” Perhaps that idea has stuck with me, because I see the way in which women behave toward one another, especially in a drunken, chaotic state, in which social rules and regulations are loosened or temporarily done away with. Most of the women I know – a vast majority, in fact – have not engaged in lesbian or bi-sexual behavior. But it seems that many have, and that makes me wonder about female sexuality.


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