The once celebrated Christopher Columbus – in whom Americans, especially Italian-Americans, took great pride – has been rebranded as a genocidal, slave-owning tyrant. I think it is quite interesting how a figure like Columbus was once respected and celebrated and whose name is now kicked in the dirt, even by European and European-Americans.

Thank you, Howard Zinn – you dirty Communist. Liberal academics captured Western academia, and they tore down the foundations of the West.

I think it is interesting when the opponents of Columbus frame his doings in the following way: “Columbus stole Indian land!” Columbus did not steal Indian land – he conquered it fair and square. Conquest is a law of nature. It does not pay mind to liberal ideals and universalism. The Indians themselves understood conquest, as Indian tribes fought, killed, and enslaved other Indian tribes.

Had the Muslims sailed the Atlantic and discovered North America, they likely would have done the same – and perhaps worse. I mean, the Arabs did institute a slave trade that lasted 1400 years.

We live in a the age of slave morality – where the “virtues” of the weak are cherished and inculcated into the minds of the youth, while strength is viewed as oppressive and tyrannical. Christianity theology has been destroyed, but Christian morality remains. Masculinity is toxic. Western civilization is morally reprehensible. Columbus’ opponents hate Columbus because he demonstrated strength. He was a victor in history. Columbus’ opponents hate Columbus as a slave hates his master.

What is the main point of opposing Columbus? It is quite simple. Blacks riot when Black police officers shoot criminal Blacks. Blacks claim such acts are a result of White supremacy. That does not make sense, though, given that a Black officer killed a criminal Black. So, why do Blacks riot right over such events? They riot because the Black officer is symbolic of ‘White supremacy.’ Symbols are not emphasized enough in the modern world. Where am I going with this?…

Christopher Columbus is a symbol of the European dominance over the world. For that reason, non-Europeans, Communists and multiculturalists hate Columbus. Western civilization – whose root is the biology of European man – is (or perhaps was) full of strength and vigor. That is completely antithetical to minorities, feminists, multiculturalists and communists, all of whom are full of envy, weakness, and self-loathing.

Rousseau’s philosophy painted the European man as being far more violent than all other peoples, nations, tribes, and clans. That’s an anti-White lie. Europeans weren’t more violent – we just organized violence far better than most, if not all, others. Just like we organized civilization better than most, if not, all others.

And for that, Columbus is hated. It is no coincidence that Columbus’ destruction coincides with the de-Europeanization of America.


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