The Fate of the United States of America – What is it?

I think this question can be answered in a few simple words: nationalism or internationalism.

The United States will remain a sovereign nation-state or it will transition and cede power to a centralized world authority. It is that simple. I imagine, if we are to move into an internationalist world order, that former nation-states will remain sovereign in certain respects, like the U.S. states, but will have ceded power to a centralized authority – which will be the ultimate arbiter of the world political system.

This is the primary issue of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. The issues of abortion, healthcare, or even the 2nd Amendment are not what is on the ballot this election. What is on the ballot is whether the United States remains a sovereign nation-state, with borders, with national interests, with a unique cultural expression.

In Donald Trump, we find a candidate who wishes to preserve the nation-state. What does Clinton believe in? In Clinton’s own words, “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.” Clinton’s vision is frightening. I am a red-blooded American – I do not trust government. The more power a government has, the more it is likely to turn tyrannical, for power tends to corrupt, absolutely power tends to corrupt absolutely. History is replete with examples of governments, especially democratic governments, turned usurpatious.

I am not necessarily a nationalist. I am quite sympathetic to the libertarian ideal of decentralization, even if it means decentralizing the national government. However, I find that nationalism is the only cure to creeping internationalism. Before we decentralize power to local government, we must decentralize power away from world political authorities – like the United Nations – to national governments. This also ensures the greatest amount of freedom for the people. The people may express themselves as they wish with more decentralized government. They may express their own ethnic and cultural interests without being impeded by some far-away centralized authority.

If Trump loses, and I think he will, those who favor decentralization must begin to take action in non-conventional ways. For if Hillary Clinton has her way with the United States, it will simply be homogenized into the “international community.” We will lose our country. We will lose our nation. We will lose are unique culture expression. We will lose our founding political document – the Constitution. The only thing we will have is shopping malls and other places at which we can mindlessly be consumers. No longer will be tied to the land and to a culture. Not even Nietzsche in his wildest dreams could imagine the nihilism that would be realized in Hillary Clinton’s America.

I don’t know what the future holds for the United States. But I am fearful of it. I truly am.


2 thoughts on “The Fate of America

  1. Hi! Pleasure to meet you and I do enjoy your very strong views of what the election has come down to. That being said, a thought or two…
    While I do agree national sovereignty is the basic right of a recognizable state, international institutions don’t exactly triumph over the nation. There have been times many countries have come under the ire of UN to little effect. Moreover such institutions are optional- no one put a gun to the US’s head and said join (I dare say we did that to others).
    Moreover, the internationalism which seems to be a large and reasonable fear just simply doesn’t exist in the world in the way it used to. Your sentiments are echoed all throughout Europe and Asia- meaning Nationalism is the one on the rise. It doesn’t matter how hard Clinton tries, if the world’s mood is against her (and it is in terms of internationalism) than there is no one to really link arms with. I hate to do this but my blog: is about just that- the rise of modern nationalism and the weakening of international institutions.
    So I assure you, if Clinton wins it will be more of a UP hill battle for her international community integration to spread. In fact most countries are looking to go back to the days before WWII; that is borders throughout borders, strict immigration, and a thoroughly unique national identity which needs protecting.
    So rest assured- Clinton isn’t going to break down the US. No one else in the world wants to break down their own country. She would be awkwardly by her lonesome.


    1. She’s not. That’s been the goal of liberalism for a long time. Clinton stated it very explicitly: Open borders, common market. Once those borders are open, all distinctions between nations and cultures will disappear. That is the project in Europe – the European-Union. One European identity. It’s homogenized. Moreover, there is an increasing push for miscegenation via the television. Begin playing close attention to commercials, for instance. It’s rewiring our in-group preferences. Research the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. That’s where we are heading.


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