I am in an odd mood tonight.

I am contemplating the future.

The United States of America, I think, is in rapid decline.

Western Civilization, I think, is in rapid decline.

Our earthly order, I think, is in rapid decline.

We have been homogenized into nothingness. We have become formless and indefinite. We lack identity. There is little in which we can find meaning and purpose. The family has been denigrated and deconstructed, along with nearly every facet of our once proud civilization. We no longer understand who we are. Western man views himself in the mirror and is befuddled and bewildered. Like the Jew, Western man is a wanderer. He no longer has a home. What was once his home now belongs to every being. Western man was once familiar with the world. He had clarity. He is now in a state of constant despair. He no longer recognizes his surroundings. He is pessimistic and defeated. His self-esteem is low and he is desperate for peace. Western man has begrudgingly accepted his fate. History will soon consume him, and he will be remembered only in name. Perhaps those who will replace Western man will write of him fondly. I doubt it. Western man is hated and despised. Western man was once strong and reigned over foreign men. Now foreign men reign over Western man. There is no way to resist and nowhere to which Western man can take refuge from the rising tide of color. This is what the Roman felt as the barbaric Germans advanced on Rome.

As I have been told, I must stand my ground, like that Roman soldier at Vesuvius whose commander failed to relive him of his duty and whose Fate was sealed as the current of ash and rock rushed towards him, consuming his body whole. That is greatness. That is honor. And that is what you cannot take away from a man.


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